Ok, it’s official, the BoB back office is now complete and

Part of the 3rd phase of this redesign rollout was to completely
replace the existing script. Obviously, the amount of time and
work it takes to build and implement a brand new custom script
is extensive.

We want to thank Paul for coding a masterpiece that will
provide value and quality members expect from State-Of-

Just like all of our sites, we will continue to add to the value
of BucketsofBanners over the course of months and years so
stay tuned.

There is a two week countdown for the lifetime membership
option which will never be offered again so now is the time
if you’ve been waiting.

Run some ads and get the word out as the lifetime memberships
have sold very well and with them ending, you can benefit
greatly. A new promo email has been loaded for you.




Jaye Pause, Brad Webb & Paul Coonan

P.S. Please drop some comments on how you like the new
script. We would love to hear from you.


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