We are often contacted by those that are new to the industry, or to sales for that matter, and asked if email marketing works.

If any site owner would answer that question with a “yes” response, you should go elsewhere. While we have had personal success with email marketing, there is absolutely no way to know if another individual is going to have the same success.

What we can tell you is this, and we speak from being at the top of many leader boards on promotions that we do, email marketing is an advertising utility and shared lists like SOTAM is just one of the many methods used online.

Your subject line, content in the ad body and overall interest in what it is you’re offering will determine the success of your campaigns.

A Winning Formula For Email Campaigns:

People that “split test” multiple versions of subject lines and ad content will succeed in their efforts. Why? Because eventually your ad is going to resonate with the reader…. it’s just a matter of sticking to it and not quitting.

People that fail will try one attempt and if they don’t get results, they come to the conclusion that it is the fault of the advertising utility and go elsewhere.

Bottom-line is this… split test, track and alternate your subject lines and ad content. If something doesn’t work, try and try again. When you find something that works, replicate, replicate, replicate.

Thomas Edison (inventor of the light bulb) had it right when he said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Follow that kind of thinking and you’ll never fail in anything you do!


Jaye Pause and Brad Webb


    1. Andrew,

      You are absolutely correct. The main problem with what people expect is that they automatically assume they can become “internet marketers” and get rich without providing any effort on their part.

      They come into the industry with this kind of mentality and when things don’t work out for them they choose to put the blame on others simply because they’ve chosen to have that type of mindset.

      Not to mention, those type of thoughts is what will already be setting them up for failure.

      Your mindset creates a significant impact in the way you are able to conduct business online and it’s very important to always stay positive each and everyday no matter what obstacles come your way.


      Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

  1. I think personally that in success the site is important because not of the site itself but for the people adhering at that site. So owner and members make the site. I love SOTAM so we are both successful.

    1. Anna,

      This is true.

      How a site is taken care plays a significant role in the success of everyone involved.

      However, the main point we are driving in this post is that a member has to make the effort to try different things before just throwing in the towel and saying something like…

      “This doesn’t work!”


      Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

  2. I agree Jaye Pause and Brad Webb!.
    You know there comes a time when an individual has to come to

    face the fact that he/she has step up to the plate.

    “{That is a hard pill to swallow}”.

    For instance you get a bad hand at cards dealt to you and there is nothing else that you can do other than play your best hand.. ..

  3. Persistence built upon the hope of success is what builds nearly all forms of success. However, skill, efforts and creativity are also a large part of a person’s success.

    The all too often missing parts are integrity and a willingness to serve.

    But all success is results oriented (the word actually means to fulfill a goal) and testing, tracking, recording and re-doing are our basic guides to what gains results.

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