This article is not an attempt to put a positive spin on a horrible situation (COVID-19) but to compare the similarities of another horrible event (financial crisis 2008) to this one.

For those that have been around since 2008, you will recall the influx of people looking to the internet as a way to supplement their income because they were out of work. While the COVID-19 is different than the financial crisis of 2008, it is also similar in many ways.

Part of the response to this crisis is a term called “social distancing.” What does that mean and how can it impact our community here?

As a means to “contain” this pandemic, many businesses have temporarily shut down or sent people home to work. That has created an environment where, once again, people are spending more time online and many are in need of supplementing their income because of lost wages.

One example of this is the hospitality/tourism industry. Our government has encouraged people to not visit bars or restaurants or any place where vast amounts of people gather in an effort to contain this virus. While this is a necessary approach that must be taken, it doesn’t help those that make their living from such industries. In short, those people are at home and are looking for a way to supplement their income.

This industry can, once again, be a solution for many looking for help.

As many “old timers” in our community know, Paypal’s decision to not do business with our industry has had a major impact on many. As a result, a good portion of people have decided to move on and look elsewhere for income opportunities.

Over the next few months, as social distancing remains, you will most likely encounter those that are new to our industry and need help getting started. Let’s make a concerted effort to reach out to those and rebuild our community in the process.

Over the years, I’ve been contacted by many looking for help. I wrote an article back in 2017 in an attempt to give a “blueprint” to those that need help. That article is timeless and the approach still applies today… A Simple Way To Get Started Online That Worked For Me. For those that come across this article that are new to this community, I would recommend you follow these steps to help you get going as fast as possible.

I would like to make an appeal to my peers and leaders in this community to get active and vocal again. Prior to Paypal’s decision, there was a lot of articles being published and social media was active and thriving. Most would agree that things have been pretty quiet lately. Let’s change that by getting active and producing content that welcomes new people to our community that are going to need help getting started.


  1. This is true and very inspiring! Thanks for reminding us that people will be looking for ways maybe to become entrepreneurs and operate their own businesses. So they won’t have to fear something like this disrupting their lives. That they will have the security of knowing once you lay the foundation of your online business it will continue to generate money for you regardless what happens!

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