Effective Immediately, SOTAM and BoB Now Have Skrill As A Payment Option.

As many know in our industry, Paypal has been making a move away from doing business with affiliate and network marketing websites. On April 8th of this year, we were informed that our Paypal account could no longer be used even though we had a long track record of ethical practices and was recognized as a “preferred seller” by them prior to closing our account.

There are those that focus on why this is happening and what they can do to change Paypal’s mind. Well, over the 10 years I’ve been doing this online I’ve learned one thing when it comes to succeeding as an Entrepreneur…. “You can complain about the way things should be or you can adapt to the way they are.”

StateOfTheArtSites is adapting and we have some news we would like to share…

Many have heard of the payment processor Skrill before but it wasn’t really prevalent in our industry. Well, that’s a about to change. The PaySafe Group acquired Skrill in 2015 and has been making some changes to expand it’s network in the United States.

We have been working with Skrill personnel and suggesting changes that will “mimic” how Paypal used to function for our members and they have been very receptive to our suggestions and making changes. In fact, we have been assigned a personal “onboarding” representative that is interested in getting my fellow Admins established with Skrill. If you are interested, contact me in [SUPPORT] with the subject line: Skrill Admin Option.

Who Is Skrill And Are They Reputable?

Skrill was founded in June of 2001 out of London, United Kingdom.  In 2015, Skrill was acquired by the Pay Safe Group. In 2017, the Pay Safe Group was acquired for GBP2.96 billion (US 3.89 billion) by private-equity groups Blackstone Group LP and CVC Capital Partners. The Blackstone Group is the largest alternative investment firm in the world specializing in private equity. To put it in perspective just how big they are, they own The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas and have over $500 Billion in assets. In short, they are a major player that will be around for a long time.

Anyway, Skrill realizes there is an enormous void being left by Paypal and they want to fill it. Better yet, they are good with our business model and I look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with them.

If you are a member looking to use Skrill, sign-up [HERE].


Brad Webb



  1. I like it too David. It’s really just a matter of getting the word out that this “reputable” payment processor actually wants to do business with our industry.

  2. We just added Skrill as a commission payment method now. State-Of-The-Art-Mailer.com members need to go to >> My Account in the navigation menu with the drop down menu >> Edit Detail and add the email associated with their Skrill account to be paid via Skrill. BucketsofBanners.com members need to go to >> Account Settings and do the same.

    1. Go to the >> My Account << area in the top navigation menu with the drop down menu >> Edit Detail << area and page down. The methods we use to pay commissions are located there.

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