Fortunately or unfortunately, we live in the digital age where we are exposed to a lot of information.

A side effect of this is that most people walk around or function in somewhat of a “haze” or sleep-walking mode because it’s just too much.

Have you ever driven home from a long day at work or been “somewhere else” while you are driving and have no idea how you even got home?

That’s the phenomenon we are referring to… and it just doesn’t happen while we are driving.

You see, in Internet Marketing, we are hit with so many offers throughout the day, we can often have the same thing happen to us while online. We are surfing in a “haze” while doing our daily activities.

When you are dealing with such a phenomenon, you have to not only give people something that is interesting, you need to give them a specific “call to action.”

To put it simply, they are not going to pick up on any suggestive or subtle messages that this is a good opportunity for them. The need to be told what to do and how to do it!

So, remember, when you write up your next email marketing campaign, be sure to make it interesting and include a very specific “call to action” at the end of your message.

Your results will improve and you will not become a victim of the “information numb” phenomenon.

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Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

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