If you are going to make any money at all in Internet Marketing, you have got to get your offers in front of as many people as possible.

No doubt, you’ve heard that before. It could be arguably said that “traffic” is THE MOST important tool needed to make money online.

Are you promoting your offers where the traffic is going?

More importantly, are you doing YOUR PART to seize that traffic?

SOTAM’s Alexa ranking has broken the normal downward trend of an existing site over time. Our 3 month average traffic ranking is 9,201 in the world. However, our 1 month average is 7,887… Our 7 day average is 6,713… And yesterday was 6,341.

What does that mean? That means out of 500,000,000 websites in the world, SOTAM was the 6,341th most visited in the world yesterday.

Now, given that fact, are you capitalizing on that traffic?

The job of an advertising site is to get your ads opened… period. Your job is to create interesting subject lines, promote reputable and profitable programs… AND…. Learn how to use ALL the tools possible available on the market to increase your chances of a sale.

Yet, people run the same boring plain ad copies, use CAPS LIKE THIS in subject lines, insert $ symbols like this in their subject lines, and don’t do any kind of split testing on their ads… We could go on and on here.

Bottom line, people are doing a lot of things wrong and their offers aren’t generating anything… Nor should they.

Here’s the point folks…

The price point for SOTAM’s monthly memberships are “extremely affordable” for this kind of traffic. We have kept our prices low and the same since we launched. We also kept the inside upgrade price relatively close to the OTO prices so you can upgrade inside too and not get mugged. Do yourself a big favor and capitalize on this traffic!

Key Points To Successful Advertising Campaigns:

– Learn how to write better ad copy. There are a ton of free sources on the market that will help you do that.
Get tips from experts. We provide those on our Fan Page. Just page back through past posts to see them.
– Check ALL of your advertising resources for traffic. Go to http://alexa.com and enter the url in there. You will have all kinds of information on that site there.
UPGRADE on sites that are generating traffic!!!! We can’t stress this enough. If a site has a ton of traffic coming to it.. and you remain a free member… well, you get the point.
Brand yourself… start to make your name a trusted resource for people. Quick Tip: Put your name in a subject line.
– Last but not least.. promote reputable programs! This goes hand-in-hand with branding. If you are promoting anything and everything out there just to make a buck, you will lose credibility over time.

There are many people making a nice living capitalizing on this traffic. Do the things listed above and become one of those today!


Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

P.S. If you don’t want to put in the time to check Alexa for traffic, Bill Carr of Traffic Hoopla ranks sites on their effectiveness. Viral URL also has a system that ranks sites based on their Alexa traffic. After you mail there, you are taken to that page. There are a lot of resources here to help you… Now, help yourself and do your part.

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