As many of you already know, we are in the middle of
a major remodel of BucketsofBanners which includes
3 launch phases.

With a new design and the introduction of of the Interactive
Splash Page with incentivized sign-up bonuses, BoB is stronger
and more active than ever.

However, we felt that the current sign-up process is a little
too complex so we simplified it. New members can now just
enter their email address to sign-up versus filling out 7
different areas in the join area.

We are still working on the 3rd phase of the BoB remodel
and that should be ready soon. This phase is by far the most
extensive which includes a new script and layout of the member
back office which you’re going to love!

We have kept the current low prices for now but when BoB is
finished, prices will be going up so consider a “Club
BoB” upgraded membership which is very affordable now.

Check it out:


Jaye Pause, Brad Webb & Paul Coonan


  1. That’s good to hear Dewayne and thank you for being a member. We have some exciting new features coming out shortly when Phase 3 is complete which includes a new script. Stay tuned!

  2. Dewayne, do you get good exposure using BOB?
    I have not had good results, but I really like the concept and wish they could make it so people have to click on the banner to get credit.


    1. Rose,

      Are you using branded banners to run your ads? Most people neglect to do that which will affect your results. Remember, people buy from people and using banners to let people know you’re out there can drastically improve your results over time. We recommend adding your picture to a banner.

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