In case you haven’t heard, Payza has been charged by the U.S. government
with running an unlicensed money services business and has recently been
shut down. While some areas of the world are still able to view the website,
the vast majority in the U.S. cannot and funds are not available or even visible.

What does this mean to SOTAM members?

Subscriptions & Commissions:

We are no longer able to continue subscriptions or pay commissions through
Payza as it is offline. Of course, we will monitor the situation and if anything
changes, we will inform you. However, being this is the second occurrence of
a shutdown of this payment processor (the first being when it was AlertPay
a few years ago), as well as, the seriousness of the current situation, we will
no longer do business through this payment processor even if it comes back
online. We have simply lost too much money from this organization and they
have proven to be unethical so we will not do business through them again.

Paypal Withdraw Option Opened Again

In November of 2016, we discontinued offering Paypal as an option to receive
commissions for new members who signed up after that date. However, given
this current event with Payza, we have opened that up in the Edit Detail area
so ALL members that have a Paypal account email can enter it now to be paid
commissions via Paypal.

CoinPayments Withdraw Option Being Funded

We have another option to pay commissions through CoinPayments which is
already coded in the system but that account needs to be funded over the
next week to handle the commission load as Payza was a processor used by
many that didn’t have Paypal as an option. I will update you when that is
funded adequately and live.

Commission Input In The Edit Detail Area

If you had a Payza email entered as a commission option in that area, it
has been disabled and you need to go in there and change it to Paypal
immediately. If you do not have Paypal as an option, you will have to wait
for us to fund CoinPayments to withdraw commissions when it is live.

Make Sure Your Paypal Email Is Correct (Very Important)

We have several members that do have a Paypal email address entered
but had Payza checked off as a primary. Because Payza is no longer
valid, your commission payment will default to Paypal now. You need to
be resubmitting commission payments as a result of failed transmissions
if your Paypal email address is invalid so do it now.

SolidTrustPay Commission Option

SolidTrustPay is also an option to recieve commissions but that account is
limited and they do not have the option to deposit funds at this time. We
will payout commission via that payment processor as long as funds are
still available but that won’t be for long as it was not widely used.

Going Forward

StateOfTheArtSites has been operating for 8 years now, and we, along
with this community, have endured many storms. This too will be endured
and we will weather this storm as well. This community has many examples
of tenacious Admins that find a way. This is no different so don’t lose
heart as things will stabilize over the coming weeks and months. It’s simply
another day at the office and another course correction.


Brad Webb

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