Just an update on changes we have made after the Paypal issue.

As I stated in my blog post, our Paypal account is no longer active and we have been removing it throughout the site.

If you currently have a Paypal subscription that is active, there is no need to cancel it. As it fails to bill (which it will), I will be cancelling it for you and resetting your One-Time Offer so you can upgrade again at a 15% discount via CoinPayments or Credit Card.

You will get a personal email from me to your Paypal email informing you that this has been done. Many are taking advantage of this option and gaining a better price compared to their prior

As I stated in our blog post, we’ve been preparing for this with Paypal for over a year now. Below are my recommendations on how to get paid your commissions.

Five Ways To Get Paid. Skrill, Uphold, Zelle, CoinPayments and TransferWise

Below I will list each method available to get paid and the benefits of each in my opinion. You are free to choose whatever method you desire.

Skrill – ($1 Minimum) Recommended for lower commission amounts for ALL Customers) This option is our Paypal replacement as it functions very much like Paypal used to.

Uphold – ($1 minimum – Recommended for lower commission amounts for ALL customers) As a person that has been involved with Cryptocurrency since it started, I have been waiting for a website to come along that simplifies using it for the masses. Uphold allows you to get paid in Crypto or Fiat currency but it best to just enter the email address associated with your Uphold account so a transfer can be made to your account easily.

Zelle – ($1 minimum – Recommended for lower commission amounts that are U.S. customers) If you are a US citizen, this method is by far the best to choose. Paypal used to charge a fee for you to receive money in the past, Zelle does not. The easiest way to set this up is to download the app on your phone and connect it to your bank. There are literally hundreds of participating banks and the money goes right to your bank with no fees. (1 dollar minimum)

CoinPayments – ($7 Minimum) You don’t use any Bitcoin address for this option but your Merchant ID number instead. You must sign up for a CoinPayments account [Here]. Afterwards, go to Account >> Account Settings in your CoinPayments account and locate your Merchant ID number. No Transfer Fees But The Minimum Must Be Equivalent to 0.0008 BTC . Currently $7 Minimum.

TransferWise –  ($10 Minimum for U.S. Members. Outside U.S.? Contact Support for instructions.) International conversion fees have always been a very costly way to move money around the globe. TranferWise has reduced the cost of doing that by creating “borderless” accounts. Important: I currently have a USD account and a EURO account to pay commissions with. If that applies to you and you want to choose this option, you need to join TransferWise and enter the email associated with your TransferWise account.

If you are located in any other geographical location with a different currency, contact support and let me know. Whether I establish a “borderless” account with that currency will depend on the volume. In other words, if I have multiple members utilizing the same currency, I will most likely establish a “borderless” account with that currency. (10 dollar mininum)

SOTAM Members: It is now time to go in and update how you wish to be paid in the >> My Account << area of the navigation menu with the drop down >> Edit Details <<. Please let me know if you have an issues doing this as this is a modified addition to that area.

BoB Members: It is now time to go in and update how you wish to be paid in the >> Account Settings << area of the navigation menu. Please let me know if you have an issues doing this as this is a modified addition to that area.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support and I will assist you in getting what you need.


Brad Webb


    1. I’m aware and most of the payment processors available in marketplace have some kind of limitation. In all honesty, so did Paypal as it didn’t let members in certain countries participate. Bitcoin certainly is a good option for many and and I will pay any Bitcoin wallet address a member plugs in so they are not required to join Uphold or CoinPayments to get crypto payments.

    1. I’m a fan too because I can pay affiliates and convert crypto to fiat in the same site. I used to have to transfer to Coinbase to sell. Uphold make it much easier to do just by moving funds from Bitcoin/Altcoin to USD Card. I expect more options to come soon with them.

  1. Thanks a lot!! To begin
    With regard to direct transfer to bank account is my first choice
    I have also paypal account but not clearly known its functionality
    The last but not the least that I prefer TRANSFER WISE.

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