Email Advertising Top 3 Things People Care About

So much email advertising ad copy in the marketplace focuses on the “features” of what it is that people are trying to sell. Here’s a reality check, nobody cares about the features of any program you are trying to sell. All people really want to know is…. 1) What is it? 2) What is in it for me? 3) What should I do next? Given that, I would recommend using this SOTAM ad copy to recruit new members and modify your ad copy on other products or services that answer these 3 key questions.

SOTAM (State-Of-The-Art-Mailer) What Is It?

SOTAM is a Safelist which is an email advertising membership website where you can promote your product or service.. Membership allows you to send your email advertisement to random members (40,764 as of Aug, 2020) for fr ee or paid to send to even more members. Recruiting new members allows you to make money here even as a fr ee member, albeit is less. Higher paid membership levels mean higher commission percentages for recruiting new members.

What Is In It For Me?

Alexa is a service that ranks the most active websites in the world. To simplify what that means, Google is ranked number 1 globally out of billions of websites in the world. SOTAM is ranked 26,738 as of August, 2020 and 9,000 in the United States and has been that active for over 10 years.

So what does that mean to you? You can promote your product or service inside an active website that is designed to show what you are selling to active members looking for such things. You can also sell the platform itself to those looking for ways to promote their products or services and make commissions at the same time.

In old school advertising methods, this would be like advertising your product or service in the newspaper and the newspaper paying you commissions because you referred your friends to them to do the same. It’s the gold standard of advertising called a self-funded proposal.

What Should I Do Next?

Join for fr ee and start promoting your products and services on this platform. You will receive a welcome email explaining how you can use our proprietary system called “Button Escalation” to send your email advertisement up to 3,000 random members at no cost to you.

When you start to gain commissions from using this very ad copy to recruit new members at SOTAM, contact support to reset your One-Time Offer so you can upgrade your SOTAM membership at a discount. Doing so will allow you to “scale up” your email advertising reach and enjoy higher commission levels at SOTAM as a paid member.


Brad Webb

Members: Don’t include this portion in your ad copy promotions and replace my name and title with your own.

Our highest membership level is the Viralist which allows you to send your advertisement to 30,000 random members every 3 days. Click [HERE] to sign-up under one of our Viralist members now. We also promote random Viralist affiliate links in the marketplace to help them recruit new members as an added bonus to those at that membership level. We do the same thing for our Club BoB members at BucketsofBanners. Click [HERE] to join under a Club BoB member now.

Concept Credit: Frank Kern and John Carlton


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