Banner Advertising Two-Phase Brand Building Method.

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Brands are all about messaging and how familiar your audience is with your brand. In short, what is the “message” associated with your brand or you as a person and how can you make your messaging stand out and be different? The answer to that question comes in two phases.

PHASE 1) Familiarity 

Familiarity is at the “core” of the branding model. Something as simple as how often a prospect sees your name and picture on a banner can be the difference between success and failure. I mean, let’s face it… your face on a banner is something that will stand out because … well, it’s your face and unique. We’ve all experienced “well branded” marketers in our industry that understand the power of familiarity; we know they do because we see their faces and names all over the marketplace. Experts agree that it takes from as few as 6 “touches” to as many as 30 before people start to recognize and possibly take interest in what it is you are offering. Touches are defined by their methods of delivery, but for our purposes here, we are going to define it as how often they see YOUR PICTURE, YOUR NAME OR YOUR BRAND.

Far too often, affiliate marketers promote generic cut and paste ad copy and banners provided by their business opportunity Admins. THE PROBLEM IS… people buy from people and not programs so generic won’t help your offer stand out. Do you yourself a favor by personalizing your ad copy and  put together a banner with your name, picture or brand on it.

Creating Your Branded Banner

  • If you don’t know how to make a banner with your image and message, you can hire someone from Fiverr to do if for you for as little as  5 US dollars.  Here is a “filtered by best selling” search to help you set that up. FIVERR
  • After your banner is created, it will need to be hosted so you can display your banner with a URL. A good free way to do that without “techie skills” is to add your 468X60 image at POSTIMAGE.ORG. Important: Just make sure you copy the URL labeled “direct link” afterwards which will typically end in .png which is an image file. If the URL you copy doesn’t have .png at the end, it is not an image file and WILL NOT WORK. Some sites do not allow https:// images to be posted so this option does have limitations. A hosting alternative is ADKREATOR

PHASE 2) The Message Associated With Your Brand

Now that people are getting used to seeing you and your brand in the marketplace, what is the message you want associated with your brand? There is no standard rule for how you deliver your message as some can be long (ad copy via email marketing method) or short (banner slogan with your image). Obviously, a banner with a short slogan that captures what you or your business is all about is the best passive way to build your brand. I am personally a big fan of slogans that actually say what it is they do. Below are some powerhouse brands that have done this effectively:

Dunkins Donuts – “America Runs On Dunkins”

BMW – “Designed for Driving Pleasure”

M&M – “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands”

Dollar Shave Club – “Shave Time, Shave Money”

My Own Creation: StateOfTheArtSites – “Your Go-To Resource For All Your Digital Marketing Needs”


Very few people advertising their business opportunities truly understand the power of branding and what it means to their success. You probably know the few that do and recognize their names and faces because they’ve done so effectively. Use my suggestions above to create and run your own branded banner. Both of my websites below provide banner advertising that can help get you recognized and make your offers stand out from the crowd.

BANNER ADVERTISING WEBSITES – Banner Exchange | Allows banners sizes 468X60 and 125X125 banners | 15,500 members as of this post. –   Email and Banner Advertising (Banner Advertising is in Time-Bonus Banner Ads section inside the website) | Allows banner sizes: 468×60 banners | 39,300 members as of this post.

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Brad Webb


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  1. Reply Teresa says:

    Great article with exceptional value. Thank you!

    • Reply Brad Webb says:

      Glad you liked it Teresa. People buy from people and the days of autonomously selling are long gone so it’s a good strategy to stand out and let them know you are a real person.

  2. Reply Charliefred says:

    I want this please!

    • Reply Brad Webb says:

      It’s not a program but a strategy on letting prospects know you are a real person. I would recommend using and connect a photo of yourself that is connected to your email. That way when you do a response like this, you have a photo show up.

  3. Reply Jennifer King says:

    Great idea. I always like to see a photo of the person I’m dealing with.

  4. Reply David Caudill says:

    Hello Brad,

    First time commenting here and I have to agree with this strategy 100% especially since I have a online gift shop launching next month called Cindy’s Online Gifts. So yes seeing a picture of myself and Cindy or just Cindy is very important. You’re definitely giving out great content here and I am liking your style..

    Thanks for all you do for so many,
    David Caudill

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