Well, we are just about to reach 30,000 members and this is a message to remind our members what to expect.

As with all the past activated Button Levels, we allow for a buffer before activating it.

What the means is that the 30,000 Button Level will not activate immediately but after we have a few members over that amount so we account for attrition.

Don’t worry, it’s not a large amount and we monitor stats to see how we are doing in that area.

Once we are comfortable that our buffer can accommodate any attrition and remain over the 30,000 member count amount, we will activate the 30,000 Button Level and notify you immediately.

Thank you to all of our loyal members for helping us obtain this rare and precious membership level. You are all champions!


Brad Webb and Paul Coonan


  1. Akmal,

    We are an email marketing service where you can send your business offers to other members. However, sales and conversions of those opportunities are your responsibility. You do have the opportunity to make money through our affiliate program. Go to the “promo tools” section inside and you will see your affiliate links there to advertise in the marketplace.

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