On March, 30th, we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary at State-Of-The-Art-Mailer!

It’s a rare thing for a site to exist for 5 years but it’s another thing entirely to remain a top rated mailer for that long.

It’s time to celebrate with the people that made this happen…
… Our Members!

Every Sunday (starting March, 29th), we have a drawing that awards a Golden Ticket to one lucky winner along with their referrer. Golden Tickets are a fr ee solo ad sent to 30,000!

Golden Tickets cannot be purchased with money but with accrued credits. Typically, tickets that are not winners are converted to Time-Bonus Banner Ad time.

Starting on our March 29th, and running every Sunday through the entire month of April, Tickets will not be reset but “rollover” for the next drawing. You will still get your Time-Bonus Banner Ad time if you don’t win but the rollover will help build your odds of winning the “5-5-5 Grand Drawing” on April 26th.

April 26th 5-5-5 Grand Drawing:

On April 26th, we will pick 5 lucky winners and 5 lucky referrers of those winners.

– 1 Golden Ticket (Total of 10 or 10 solo ads)
– 50,000 credits (Total of 10 or half a million credits)
– 5 Days of Time-Bonus Ad Time (Total of 10 or 50 days)

Contest Details & Strategic Suggestion:

Golden Tickets costs 2,000 credits per ticket entry. You can start accruing credits now so you can get as many as possible before the grand drawing on the 26th of April.

Remember, there are no losers here; Even if you aren’t a Golden Ticket winner or the referrer of a winner, your ticket is converted to Time-Bonus Banner Ad time.

Since tickets rollover for the entire contest period, it is to your advantage to have as many Golden Tickets as possible right from the beginning to benefit the most.

The banner above rotates all Viralist member links so any new members viewing this page will be assigned to them.


Brad Webb & Paul Coonan

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  1. I like the simplicity of SOTAM which make it a great mailer site… Have used them a lot for campaigns and am happy with result… Come join us too and use SOTAM to refer with your ID

  2. Got Google questions? While you’re attending the celebration, get your questions answered by our Google experts at several Information Booths.

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