If you are new to internet marketing or a seasoned marketer, one of the keys to success is how well you are organized so you can utilize your advertising resources to their fullest capacity.

There must be specific routines involved to accomplish the goals and things that you need to get done so that you can focus on being a more effective marketer.

One of the most common mistakes we see people making is that they are not utilizing the proper tools they already possess to get organized.

Your browser bookmark system is one of your most valuable resources available to do this, and for good reason.

Most marketers are utilizing the bookmark system but not in a very efficient way.

Catagorizing your advertising resources based on “use frequency.” is the most efficient way to setup your bookmarking folders. 

Setting up your “bookmark system” may take some time but it is very much worth it because you will be able to instantly save new programs to the appropriate folder going forward.

Bookmark Folder Setup:

Simply create categories based on the number of days a service allows you to advertise to.

Our first category would be something like this:

Daily Mailers – This would be your first bookmark folder and when you come across a service that allows you to do daily mailings, you add it to this folder.

The same goes for other mailers as well such as:

2 Day Mailers – If you are able to mail every 2 days, place the services here.
3 Day Mailers – If you are able to mail every 3 days, place the services here.
5 Day Mailers – If you are able to mail every 5 days, place the services here.
7 Day Mailers – If you are able to mail every 7 days, place the services here.

This method doesn’t have to be limited to mailers. If you utilize other advertising resources that have posting frequency rules, create a folder category for them as well.

This will allow you to become a more proficient marketer and when you are ready to promote a program, all you will have to do is go to your bookmark manager, right click on the folder and choose the option to open up all tabs.

This will instantly open up every bookmark in that folder allowing you to improve your efficiency and get your campaigns out much easier and faster!

Bookmarking is free to use and available on all browsers. Setting up folders based on advertising “use frequency” is, in our opinion, the best method to maximize your advertising resources.

Other Websites Designed To Get You Organized:

Many site owners have recognized the need for getting your advertising resources organized. There are several sites that have been created to help you do just that.

We will post 3 such sites below that we have joined to help us in our own campaigns:

Viral Mail Profits, TE Command Post, and Turbo Traffic Hits.

Viral Mail Profits – This system created by Paul Kinder and Troy Wray allows you to set reminders on when it is time to mail again, as well as, save email subject lines and ad body content in one place.

Mailer Setup: Join Viral Mail Profits and go to the Mailers section. You will be able to setup up your mailers in that section and plug in your mail frequency.

Tip: Set up the email notification for any mailers that are over 2 days in frequency. This is a great feature because the system will send you an automatic email notification telling you when it is time to mail again. This can be a pain to track manually.

Template Setup: In this area, you are able to create categories, subject lines, and ad body content (including HTML) in one place. This is a great tool to organize and save all of your past email campaigns. It also includes a very efficient “preview” function that shows what your HTML email actually looks like.

TE Command Post – Another site owned by Paul Kinder and Scott Martin that has a focus on organizing information that Traffic Exchange users need to know.

TECP allows you to plug in the Traffic Exchanges you use and with a click of a button, it will show you how many credits, banner impressions, and text ad credits you have remaining on all of the those sites you entered.

For those that use Traffic Exchanges, this is an incredible time-saver that will instantly tell you where you can post an ad.

Turbo Traffic Hits – This system created by Kathy Pleasance and Johnny Baxter allows you to setup categories, save past emails, and enter the websites that will show you when your mailers are up for posting again.

Go to the Turbo Scheduler and setup your categories first. Then follow the sequential Emails – Websites – Ready to Post areas to complete your organized automation.


All 3 of these sites are free to join but have upgrade options for extended benefits and higher commissions if you choose to pass this information along and promote them. Regardless of your choice to remain free or upgrade, the efficiency you will gain from these organizational tools can save you time and money. Utilizing tools such as these will help you get the most out of your advertising resources. Not posting an ad when your time is up on a mailer or any advertising tool can waste a big portion of your ad resource over any given period of time.

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Jaye Pause and Brad Webb


  1. Thanks for that!! REALLY GOOD ADVICE !!
    I use my bookmarks but bot categorizing them into days – superb idea – and I can see just how much time that is going to save me!!
    I watch for all your ideas and suggestions and I’m glad I do!!
    Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge!!
    Much appreciated…. Now… to fix my bookmarks!!


  2. Thanks Guys, great advice!

    Google also offers some free tools to organize, the Filter and Tag System and the Calender are what I have been using. Look forward to more of your Great Tips!

    Herb Gruenewald

  3. Hey Herb, are you comfortable sharing exactly how you use those to increase your productivity? Bookmarking isn’t a new concept but how we use “mailing frequency” to define our folders is a specific way that can be useful to others. We’d be interested, and other members I’m sure, how you use those tools specifically to get organized in your advertising. The calender system sounds logical but perhaps there are some gold nuggets you can drop here that others haven’t thought of.

  4. Thanks for the helpful tips, guys, and love your site too!

    I’ve found Viral Mail Profits has increased productivity by about 1000% since all I did before was mail “whenever”. I don’t have the system email me because I’d ignore that. I have the site open in a separate window for most of the day (I work at home in the day job too and have no life ….). I go onto it and see which are “Mail Now” and send two or three emails. . If you send more then readers are only going to see the same ad again and again if they’re going through all their ads and they’ll tune you out.

    That’s productivity … now I need to analyse open rates properly to see how it affects income. The problem is there are so many variables: type of list, time of day, subject line, mail body etc but it’s all interesting stuff.

    Sharon Horswill

  5. amazing, both of you are wise. You do not mention the list frog and state of the art mailer as an advertising with frequencies. it’s a wise argue from the wise men.

    I like you both.
    JP n BW

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