Hello everyone,

While this is an update for current State-Of-The-Art-Mailer members, this post is really for even non-members, as deliverability is becoming a serious problem for everyone doing business online.

We get support tickets every month from members that claim to have clicked every email but somehow end up with a lower percentage of clicked mails on their Profit Sharing then anticipated.

One of the reasons this happens is because Email Providers block certain emails that have SPAM trigger content defined by them… which is often way too tight.

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The standards they are using to determine what is considered SPAM is getting more and more sensative to control true SPAM. It’s a problem that is out of our control to say the least.

Until now!! We have an awesome solution that will guarantee 100 percent deliverablity…


Also provide an incredible advertising resource at the same time!

Colin and Frank, Co-Founders of ViralURL have launched a new site that is an Email Provider and List Builder Combined!

If you sign up to their site, for fr ee, create an email there, and then plug your new email address in the “Edit Details” area on SOTAM, we can guarantee 100 percent deliverabilty.

This is a long-term advertising solution for you to get your mails viewed on SOTAM and it’s a great option for the Safelist community as a whole.

Be sure to check out the OTO upgrade options these guys provide as well. We are at the top level which allows us to mail to 60,000 a month!

As things continue to tighten with Email Providers, the demand for this site will grow exponentially, as will the price. Be sure to lock it in now before that happens!

Read enough? Click ViralinBox

Also, organize ALL your emails, by site, before they even come in:

Here’s how:

Say, for example, the email you create is username@myviralinbox.com

To create a box specially for SOTAM, you would add the extension username.sotam@myviralinbox.com

You can also do that with all your other sites. As a Platinum member, you will get 100 boxes. Diamond is unlimited. Think about the power of that going forward and what it will do to your productivity.

It’s that easy and efficient to organize your inbox before your mails even start coming in!

This is such a no-brainer.

Don’t hesitate any longer: http://www.myviralinbox.com


Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

P.S. We will also add a 30 Day Viral Banner Ad to your account if you upgrade to Platinum on VIB. Just send us a support ticket to claim.


  1. Thank you for keeping us all up to date on email marketing and organization Jay and Brad. I am definitely sharing this with my Pro Network Group.

    Keep on Thriving,

    Mary Margaret

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