Hello Members,

Well, the Downline Builder Surfing Bonus was a resounding
success to those that participated but it’s coming to an end.

We gave away thousands of fr ee and paid referrals for the
life of the program and our outstanding SOTAM members
rocked the program like they’ve done for years.

Unfortunately, there were just so many non-referred members
we could give away and the program was not intended to be
a perminant feature.

However, as of June 1st, we have another new feature that
will be replacing the Downline Builder Surfing Bonus.

To keep this post short, we won’t drop out the detail on that
program just yet but we will send out another update in a
couple of weeks. We just wanted to let you know there is a
plan in place for when the DBSB expires after next month.

That’s all for now…. more to come!


Jaye Pause, Brad Webb & Paul Coonan

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