Don’t you hate it when you can’t find your own bank
and have to go to another ATM?

How do you feel when you get charged fees to get
your own money?

Banks have gotten very clever at taking our money
and cloaking it as standard policy.

The same holds true with some internet advertising

Know what they call it?

Minimum payout!

We at State-Of-The-Art-Sites did away with this
practice a long time because we are also marketers
and having OUR MONEY sitting in accounts because
we didn’t reach a certain minimum amount is wrong.

It’s YOUR MONEY and when you join any of our
advertising websites, you will be paid WEEKLY and
no minimum amount is required.

Oh, and on top of that, you DON’T have to submit a
request to GET YOUR MONEY.

If you’ve had enough of these B.S. tactics designed to
keep YOUR MONEY, join any of our sites and promote
like crazy…..

We’ll pay you without the hassle!

Advertising websites we own: State-Of-The-Art-Mailer,
Buckets of Banners, My List Frog


Jaye Pause And Brad Webb

P.S. This was inspired by the fact that we have a few
hundred dollars below minimum amount we’ll probably
never receive. That’s one way to make money huh?


  1. I wish to thank you your comments which have been backed by positive actions on your part. I am a member of SOTAM. I am joining BoB and MLF TOO.

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