State-Of-The-Art-Mailer has been one of the most active and successful mailers on the net for over 3 years now.

A large part of that success comes from appreciating ALL of our members and not just those that upgrade.

As many of our free members already know, SOTAM set the standard for delivering value by allowing them to use “Button Escalation” to mail to higher levels…. and that feature isn’t limited to just free members!

Over 70% of our free members now use “Button Escalation” to mail to 3000 members every 7 days!

While we are happy with the statistic, we would like to see that amount increase but reducing the mailing frequency for that particular membership base.

Effective immediately, free members can now MAIL EVERY 5 DAYS versus the 7 days we had previously!

Of course, paid members can still mail every 3 days and if you upgrade to the 5,000 Button Level, you are not limited and can escalate all the way to the 25,000 Button Level.

This is just another way to show our appreciation for ALL our members and not just those that have a budget for marketing.

Be sure to reset your mailing schedule if you are a free member so you don’t miss a single mailing!

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Jaye Pause, Brad Webb & Paul Coonan


  1. Maureen, a new 468X60 banner, splash page, and email swipe are located in the promo tools area for you to use that detail this change.

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