If spend any amount of time in Facebook groups or forums, you’ll notice there are those that contribute to a conversation often, and those that only post occasionally.

Which is better to do?

It has been suggested by some that the frequency of your posting is the way to build a brand and to some degree, that is true. However, posting for the sake of posting and not focusing on the content of what you’re saying, can also hurt you if there isn’t at less one small nugget of value occasionally attached.

How many times have you rolled your eyes when you see certain “types” involve themselves in a conversation? You know the the ones I’m talking about…..

Change the topic – People that post something completely unrelated to the topic.
Detail is king – These types post full lengths article that should be blog posts instead.
The comedian – People that are consistently posting jokes and rarely provide intellectual content.
The one-liners – The hello, great, awesome and thanks posters.
Party of one – Multiple posts from one person with little to no interaction from others.
I like me – People that click the like button on their own content.
The randomizer – People who can’t focus on one train of thought.
Three’s a crowd – When 2 people take over the conversation and have a personal conversation like they are on instant messaging.
The trolls – Posts that contain swear words and content designed to offend and disrupt the conversation.
The habituals – People that respond to any and everything they can and spend too much time in social media.

And probably the most beloved of them all….

If you act now – Those that believe social media is an advertising platform where they can plug in affiliate links and make lots of money doing so.

Then there are those¬† that come around when they really have something to say and when they say something, people listen. Commercials have been made of such people or organizations. For the mature types like myself, remember this one? “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.”

So, back to the original question…. which is better?

There really is no right or wrong answer to that question because both quantity and quality can be very effective and can build you a brand. Quantity posting creates familiarity which is huge in branding and this approach is often pursued by most. However, quality creates value-based content that sticks with people and makes them look forward to when you come around again.

Every so often you’ll met a person that does both quantity and quality posting and that my friends should become your ultimate role model to follow.

Happy posting!

Brad Webb

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  1. Ho w about. . .

    The Conversationalist – Stops by, says hi, offers a meaningful comment and replies if you do.
    The Artists – Always have a new meme or infogram
    The Whiners – You post a picture of a beautiful sunset and they complain that it’s never like that for them.
    The Mean People – They somehow think that the relative anonymity of the internet gives them the right to say things that they would never say to a persons face.
    The Anti-Poster – These people don’t stand for anything, just against everything.

    I’ll cast my vote for the Quality posts.

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