Hello Valued Member,

We have received several requests from members asking for us to increase the reward amount when viewing the 2 Full Page Ads presented when you login.

We have done so and you will now receive 25 credits for each Full Page Ad you view once the timer runs out for a total of 50 credits if both are fully viewed.

This change also increases the value of the State-Of-The-Art-Mailer Full Page Ad system which is already a hot selling item. Those are often sold out because we limit the amount that can run at one time. If they are open when you login, be sure to grab one as we have a record number of repeat buyers that wait and watch for those to come open.

We have a very exciting announcement coming out in the next few days that is going to add additional value to SOTAM on a very large scale.

Until then, make a point to login every day and claim your easy credits for doing so.

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Jaye Pause, Brad Webb & Paul Coonan

P.S. While you’re in there, jump in the Unclaimed and Extended Solo Ad area to claim credits. It’s a much easier way to gain credits versus your inbox.


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