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The Full Page Ad system at SOTAM can be an effective and passive way to promote your business opportunties.

Because we limit the amount of Full Page Ads that can run at one time, there was a need to expand this advertising feature to avoid the “Sold Out” issue which happened often.

Change #1 – Secondary Full Page Ad Replaces Admin Endorsement Page.

We have removed the “From The Desk Of” admin recommendation section and added a secondary Full Page Ad section to expand this offer to our members.

As many know, guaranteed minimum views are a part of the Full Page Ad system. Since Full Page Ads run on days versus views, we wanted you to have the chance to gain more views than the guaranteed minimum.

With this recent change, we now have ads running that are exceeding the guaranteed minimum views. This will not always be the case depending on how many ads are running at one time but it is the case right now.

Change # 2 – Social Media and Personal Branding Added.

We have also added social media that can be included in the Full Page Ads system to enhance your branding. Simply make sure you have your social media links added and turned on. If you do not wish to include social media in this area, simply check the box in the social media area to turn it off as shown below.






Full Page Ads will still be limited to avoid saturation of that area so if you’ve been waiting to purchase one of these, now is the time.

Enjoy this new modification to enhance your advertising efforts!

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Jaye Pause, Brad Webb & Paul Coonan

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