We are very pleased to announce the addition of
Paul Coonan to the State-Of-The-Art-Sites Group.
You may know Paul Coonan best from his widely
popular viral advertising websites, vTrafficRush
and ViralAdBuilder.

Prior to this announcement, Paul has already been
busy implementing some obvious changes to SOTAM
such as the ad frame modification and the introduction
of stats to the home (mail now) page.

What you might not be aware of is the major changes
he has already made behind the scenes. There were
engineering and coding changes implemented that
now provide a much better user experience when
navigating through the site.

Paul brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience
in the programming field and we are very excited to
have him join our team…. welcome aboard Paul!!

A Snapshot Of Our Vision And Growth:

With the addition of Paul Coonan, we thought this
would be an appropriate time to share our vision and
growth plans over the rest of this year and the next.

As many of our original members know, the
prelaunch of SOTAM was a challenging one plagued
with delays and a script full of bugs and issues.
Developing a custom script with innovative features
never tried before was exciting and original…. but it
also proved to also be a mess to manage from a coding

However, we never gave up on SOTAM and never will.
Fixes and improvements were implemented over the
years and with the addition of Paul, those modifications
have taken us to the whole new level we will be
introducing shortly.

Project Plans In The Works:

– We are introducing a new modification to SOTAM
that is going to allow members to do far more with their
advertising than any other mailer on the net.

– We acquired Buckets of Banners a few months ago and
will be making modifications to that site, as well as,
integrating it into our Time-Bonus Ad Network.

– We have another launch in works that isn’t a mailer,
traffic exchange, banner exchange or anything you’ve ever
seen before. It’s going to be another game changer and
we hope to have that finished by year end.

These are just three of our top priorities that will be
worked in with our ongoing commitment to improve
and enhance all of our sites all of the time.

We are very excited to have such a talented new partner
in Paul and you can look forward to the exciting new
things that will be coming out of the State-Of-The-Art-Sites
Group shortly.

Stay Tuned!!

Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

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