Hello Members,

Thank you for taking the time to vote on our recent poll of social media sites you would like entered in the back office.

With almost 1,300 total votes, the results are in and we will be loading up these 6 additional social media sites shortly:

1) LinkedIn – 250
2) YouTube – 207
3) MySpace – 130
4) StumbleUpon – 109
5) Digg – 105
6) Squidoo – 66

As soon as these new sites are loaded, you will have 10 total sites to choose from or rotate them all. Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus and Sokule are already in there.

Social Media Etiquette:

As you have noticed by now, there are those that will never use social media, even if given the exclusivity our DBSB winners frame gives them.

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about how social media can be used to help your online business.

There is our take on that….

In general, there are 3 different types of social media users…

1) The Chaser – Those who see social media as an immediate marketing tool (these are the people that spam their wall – and your’s – with affiliate links and business opportunities)
2) The Talker – Those that waste time in social media and spending endless hours chatting versus building their business.
3) The Magnet – Those that share their thoughts and views on a variety of topics and capture our interest in THEM at the same time. We want to buy for these types because we know a little something about them versus a faceless/nameless sales pitch. They also understand when it is time to invite others in to their programs.

Obviously, “The Magnet” is where you want to to be but how do you get there?


First understand that the most effective social media strategy is not a strategy at all but a willingness to “put yourself out there” and let people in on a small part of your life.

“Putting yourself our there” doesn’t mean you have to put your entire life on the internet (although, we all see those that do). It can be as simple as sharing your thoughts, views, quotes that inspire you, etc… OR … It can be something that you are passionate about.

The bottom-line is everybody is good at something or has an interest in something. Whatever it is, share it using social media and you’ll begin to connect with others that have the same interest or passion.

It’s no surprise that even large businesses are struggling to understand how social media can build their business and generate more sales.

For large businesses, this is a challenge because unless they have a culture that can translate the “human” element needed to make social media work, they can’t get a decent return on investment for their advertising dollars.

However, as human beings, we are very capable of showing our humanity by expressing our views and gain a following in the process.

Why People Avoid Social Media:

For years, this industry has sold products or services anonymously. There are those that are holding on to that old style of selling but they are slowing becoming extinct. As harsh as it may sound, you’re either on this train or you’re going to be run over by it….

Social Media is not going to go away… ever!

People are never going to give up the ability to instantly connect with one another using social media. That would be the equivalent of people giving up their cell phones and going back to using pagers or coin phones…

It’s not going to happen!

Another reason people avoid social media is exactly what we stated above. They think they have to put their entire lives online to be effective.

Not true… just letting people in with what you share and what inspires you can help you “connect” with others and make social media also improve your business.

Whether you decide to use social media or not, we wanted to share our views and approach to this new communication tool. When you get it down, and truly understand how to use it, you’ll never go back to a pager again.


Jaye Pause and Brad Webb


  1. Hi Guys

    If you want to achieve any sort of result with social media you’ve just been given an amazing blue print to follow. Just be yourself and share real thoughts and opinions and if you link all the social media back to your own blog then traffic and results will go through the roof.

    All the best


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