We have been expecting this as many have already experienced this in our industry for the past few years. Paypal has decided that it no longer wants to conduct business with marketing firms such as ours.

Understand, this is not a poor reflection of our quality and service but a business decision by a major payment processor.

Will this impact our site and our ability to conduct business online? No, we have anticipated the impact of this and have made changes to prepare for it. SOTAM and BoB will continue with other options.

Regarding Commission Payments:

We already have Zelle, TransferWise, Uphold and Bitcoin as a method to receive payments. If you currently have Paypal as a method to receive commissions, please go in the >> My Account<< area of the navigation menu with the drop down menu >> Edit Details << and update which method you prefer to receive payments. For BoB members, this area will be the >> Account Settings << area.

Regarding Upgrade Options:

All current upgrade options will be honored, and when it comes time to renew, you will see a “Renewal Page” with current options to stay upgraded via CoinPayments or Stripe at a 15% discount versus the prior price you paid with Paypal.

Additional Upgrade Options via Renewal Page:

As stated above, all upgrades will be honored, and as your subscriptions come due, you will see a “Renewal Page” that will allow you to upgrade again via CoinPayments or Stripe at a 15% discount versus prior price you paid with Paypal. We will be adding Zelle, TransferWise, and Uphold to that “Renewal Page” and the “One-Time Offer” shortly thereafter. We are already in the process of adding PaySimple as and will let you know when that is ready.

As with most things, change happens and it is incumbent upon us to adapt to them as they happen.

We will adapt and become stronger as a result.

For those with current subscriptions via Paypal, I will be contacting you via your Paypal email with individual instructions on what to expect as your subscriptions come due. No worries about your current upgrade period, it will be honored.

As always, your membership and participation is appreciated.


Brad Webb

P.S. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me via support ticket or phone at 561-350-6519 (US only please).. or Skype: bradwebbtab (International and US)


    1. Hey Anthony You see that Brad Sotam owner not consider abt ORU problem is even they not charge fee you paying them 5 monthly thats a residual income from them and Brads and most other biz owners in this industry for decades so they no what good what not i also do not consider using ORU at this point

      1. Hey Dona, to each’s own. No it’s not a residual income it’s a rebate, so many people are confused on this, ORU is more of a freedom movement for me with loads of benefits, but enough on that subject I don’t want to turn this into a ORU fest.

    1. Ok Brad thanks for the reply! It’s amazing how we all have helped build these giant payment processors for free over the past 20 years and then we get the axe.

      1. Yeah, I hear you Anthony and agree that our industry helped to build them but I choose not to engage in Paypal bashing as it serves no purpose. I’ll survive this and come out on the other end stronger.

  1. Thank you so much for the positive attitude on this difficult situation. Moving forward is a good thing!

    1. I think having a bad attitude about it just keeps you in a bad place longer. Traffic Exchanges have been going through this a lot longer than mailers so it was our time to get hit I guess.

  2. Ah they have been doing this since 2003 – 2004.
    But since 2016, I guess they finally REALLY had to do it since Monsoon. The SeC will also clawback on them too.
    I assume they do not want to pay the fee’s for high risk merchant accounts (they have the merchant accounts, we just borrow them). They would have to pass those fee’s along to those who use it for Doordash or Uber or whatever. So its best just to put this arena out on the end.
    Well, that is what I think anyway. And you should all be over at Uphold already.

    1. Uphold, TransferWise, Bitcoin and Zelle are already added as a means to get paid commissions. I will be adding them as a method to buy services shortly.

      Slept pretty good last night because I wasn’t up every 4 hours or so checking my phone for the dropped Paypal bomb. I’ve been doing that for that past three years now.

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