There Are 6 Main Components To Writing Effective Email Marketing Ad Copy.

Use this as a guide when writing ad copy in the future:

1) Subject Line – This is by far the most important part of your ad copy. Your subject line should be littered with “nerve” words that will grab the attention of your reader. Don’t confuse “nerve” words with SPAM words, which will only get your email blocked by ISP’s. Google common SPAM words so you know the difference. Here’s a tip you will see us doing often. When promoting a website from a well-branded marketer, include their name in the subject line. It’s a good way to instantly grab attention.

2) Common Problem or Story – As human beings, we are driven by pain and pleasure. Our need to avoid pain and desire to gain pleasure are powerful motivators for us to take action. Listing common problems in your ad copy will immediately grab the attention of your reader… Especially if they are experiencing that problem themselves. People also love a good story they can relate to. This is also a very effective way to compel a reader to action that is a less direct method. Important note: Be careful not to write a novel when telling a story. You only have so much time to hold on to the reader’s attention. Make it too long and you’ll lose them.

3) Solution and/or Benefits (Not Features) – If you have offered up a common problem, it is just logical to provide a solution to that problem. Solutions should include benefits and not features. All too often, people confuse features with benefits. You can spend years in sales and still make that mistake. Here’s a useful tip in knowing the difference between a “feature” and a “benefit.” A feature stands alone and has no emotional value by itself. Feature Example: Join site XYZ and you will get 4 bonus Solo Ads. Benefit Example: Join site XYZ and 4 bonus Solo Ads will help you reach 25,000 more people. Do you think that will increase your chances of making that elusive sale and start living the life you’ve always wanted? The use of bullets when providing benefits are highly recommended. They are easy to read and very effective.

4) Proof – How many times have you seen ad copy that provides screenshot proof of what they have gained by joining a particular site? Why do they do that? Simple, it’s effective and it works. When possible, provide real proof of what you have gained from joining a site. It doesn’t always have to be monetary proof. Providing other benefits such as “saved time” is another benefit that has value. People are always interested in saving time and frustration.

5) Call to action – No long description here.. simply put, you need to give your reader an action to take. Up until this point, you’ve provided a problem, the solution to that problem, proof it works.. NOW… Take them the rest of the way by providing “What they need to do next.” Be very specific here and close the sale. If they have read your ad copy down to this point, you have a pretty good chance of gaining that sale if you give clear directions on what to do in this section.

6) Signature/Branding – Always, always, always include your signature at the bottom of your ad copy. Your name is the most basic form of branding over time. However, adding a slogan or nickname can also give your personal branding a jump start. Example: Brad “Worldwide” Webb would be a cleaver applicable little branding tool if I was just starting out and wanted people to remember my name.

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Jaye Pause and Brad Webb


    1. Sarkari,

      We’re not sure if you are asking about a mass email sending tool or a way to track performance so we’ll answer both.

      As far as sending bulk emails outside a shared “credit based” list, we wouldn’t recommend it. If lists do not have a reward system such as credit based ones do, people will have no reason to open your email.

      As far as tracking performance,we use TeToolBox

      It’s free to join.

  1. Thanks for the tips…So you really think safelist help with advertising? Been using them on and off for a couple years…not sure about them…

    Your tips really make since though


    1. Rhea,

      Not all Safelists are effective. In fact, most of them are not very effective at all. We have put a lot of work into the engineering of SOTAM to make it effective. More and more are coming online now that are much more effective then the ones of the past.

      So to answer your question, not so much in the past but the new Safelists coming out today have much better engineering and are effective in advertising.

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