As you might imagine, State-Of-The-Art-Mailer requires a lot of attention and with the addition of BucketsofBanners, we found ourselves lacking time to properly develop My List Frog.

As many of our tenured members might remember, that site originally belonged to Jaye Pause and it was his baby.

He has made a decision to focus on development there full-time and has a ton of good ideas how to take it the next level which he has already started doing.

You will be missed Jaye and we look forward to seeing what new and exciting things happen in the near future on My List Frog.

If you aren’t a member there yet, join [here] and and upgrade before these enhancements really start to kick in.

We want to thank Jaye for all his help through the years and wish him well with My List Frog and all his future endeavors.

Brad Webb and Paul Coonan

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