Is Bitcoin Good As Gold Or A Volatile Bubble Ready To Pop?

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I’ve been following the stock market for over 30 years and when this Bitcoin concept came out, I couldn’t help but track where this thing was going. Up until this point, I never really considered participating because of the lack of regulation with this investment.  However, after the recent move of Payza pulling out of […]

Free Member Mailing Time Reduced To 5 Days At SOTAM.

Posted in: State-Of-The-Art-Mailer Updates, State-Of-The-Art-Sites Updates- Nov 11, 2013 2 Comments

State-Of-The-Art-Mailer has been one of the most active and successful mailers on the net for over 3 years now. A large part of that success comes from appreciating ALL of our members and not just those that upgrade. As many of our free members already know, SOTAM set the standard for delivering value by allowing them to use […]

Claim Your 50 Credits Login Reward At State-Of-The-Art-Mailer.

Posted in: State-Of-The-Art-Mailer Updates, State-Of-The-Art-Sites Updates- Nov 04, 2013 1 Comment

Hello Valued Member, We have received several requests from members asking for us to increase the reward amount when viewing the 2 Full Page Ads presented when you login. We have done so and you will now receive 25 credits for each Full Page Ad you view once the timer runs out for a total […]

Full Page Ads at State-Of-The-Art-Mailer Just Got Better.

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Hello Members, The Full Page Ad system at SOTAM can be an effective and passive way to promote your business opportunties. Because we limit the amount of Full Page Ads that can run at one time, there was a need to expand this advertising feature to avoid the “Sold Out” issue which happened often. Change […]

BoB Back Office New Custom Script Now Active.

Posted in: Buckets Of Banners Updates, State-Of-The-Art-Sites Updates- Sep 27, 2013 4 Comments

Ok, it’s official, the BoB back office is now complete and active. Part of the 3rd phase of this redesign rollout was to completely replace the existing script. Obviously, the amount of time and work it takes to build and implement a brand new custom script is extensive. We want to thank Paul for coding […]

BucketsofBanners Has A New Index Page And Sign-up Process.

Posted in: Buckets Of Banners Updates, State-Of-The-Art-Sites Updates- Sep 05, 2013 4 Comments

As many of you already know, we are in the middle of a major remodel of BucketsofBanners which includes 3 launch phases. With a new design and the introduction of of the Interactive Splash Page with incentivized sign-up bonuses, BoB is stronger and more active than ever. However, we felt that the current sign-up process […]

Nothing Endorsed By StateOfTheArtSites Lately?

Posted in: State-Of-The-Art-Sites Updates- Aug 29, 2013 4 Comments

It’s been some time now since you’ve seen us endorse a new launch. Is that because there aren’t any? Hardly!! In fact, there are far too many for the market to absorb in our opinion. Regardless, saturation isn’t the reason we haven’t endorsed any new launches as of late….replication is. What some of you may […]

Want A Complementary SOTAM Golden Ticket Bonus Entry?

Posted in: State-Of-The-Art-Mailer Updates, State-Of-The-Art-Sites Updates- Jul 15, 2013 17 Comments

Hello SOTAM Members, The SOTAM Golden Ticket program is rocking at State-Of-The-Art-Mailer and so far, we’ve had 8 lucky members win a solo ad that goes out to 25,000 members. Half of those winners have already used their solo ad. Well, the SOTAM Golden Ticket program just got better! You can NOW win bonus ticket […]

Downline Builder Surfing Bonus Expiring June 1st.

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Hello Members, Well, the Downline Builder Surfing Bonus was a resounding success to those that participated but it’s coming to an end. We gave away thousands of fr ee and paid referrals for the life of the program and our outstanding SOTAM members rocked the program like they’ve done for years. Unfortunately, there were just […]

Clever Little Tactics That Should Go Away.

Posted in: State-Of-The-Art-Sites Updates- Nov 20, 2012 2 Comments

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find your own bank and have to go to another ATM? How do you feel when you get charged fees to get your own money? Banks have gotten very clever at taking our money and cloaking it as standard policy. The same holds true with some internet advertising […]